Finally, a Justin update! :) Thursday, Oct 4 2007 

Justin just got word from the insurance company about an hour ago that they are approving all of the dr. visits in Boston.  That is a major praise!!!  We are so greatful that God brought the people into our lives that He did through this.  The radiologist out here is the one that pulled all of the strings to get this approved.  She absolutely did NOT have to do that – it was not her job.  Yet, she still fought for us, because she is an AMAZING PERSON.  If you ever need to see a radiologist, I swear Dr. Susan Smith out of St. Lukes Kansas City is an ANGEL.

Now lets just keep praying that the drs. out in Boston can take care of Justin without opening him up again 😦 

We will be going to Boston the first part of November.  I’m going to have to work double time now (like I can fit any more appts in???) so that we can afford to go and I can afford to leave the studio for a week.  Ouch ouch ouch.  God will take care, I know.  I can’t stop myself from worrying, though.

 We are just waiting on our certification on the foster care.  It should be any time now!!!  I have already done some Christmas shopping for the kid – do you think I’m excited???  I can’t even explain how excited I am.  Justin and I have waited a long time for a little one to take care of.  This child is going to be spoiled rotten with love and attention.

OH!  One more piece of good news!  When Beth and I were at Starbucks this afternoon (between appts – I had to take a break, right?) the manager said she would look into getting some displays set up for me to HANG MY PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I may get to display my work in my home away from home!!!!!  And the manager is setting up an appt for her son.  LOL   (Momma – dont be telling people this until it’s for sure… I know you will be excited when you read this!)

Thank you for your continued love and support – we send it right back at ya.  I know a lot of you are dealing with some hard times, too – please know you are in our thoughts and prayers!!


Enigma. Use it in a sentence. Tuesday, Sep 25 2007 

 Enigma.  No, it’s not a band.  That’s Enya, silly.

Last night Kim and I were talking about her son, and she referred to him as an enigma.  After I pointed at her and laughed for using such a big word, I started thinking about the word enigma.  You know what is REALLY an enigma? The soap scum in my bathroom shower.

How does a place that you use to get clean get so disgustingly, cringingly nasty over such a short period of time?  All you use in there is soap and shampoo, maybe shaving gel – all clean products.  Shouldn’t they just wash down the drain, leaving that the cleanest, sparkly-est thing in your house???  Not so much.

In Missouri we have hard water.  And my shower in my bedroom is one of those fiberglass stalls with glass doors – you have never seen soap scum and hard water stains until you see my shower after 2 months of not being cleaned.  I’m not going to lie to you, people, I only clean it like once every two months.  I hate cleaning, and I only do the things you can SEE on a regular basis.  Since my bedroom is usually laundry land, you are not allowed in there – so that bathroom is only cleaned once you can no longer go in there and tolerate it. 

So last night I bought a bottle of Easy Off Bam! at CVS for no reason other than I like the commercial.  I like a product that I can walk around using while exclaiming “BAM!” like Emeril on crack.  It has the power to remove limescale, folks.  (What is limescale?  Do I have it?)

Take notice when the product tells you to wear gloves while using it. They’re not pulling your leg – that stuff is strong! It’s possible my lungs have little holes in them now, after breathing that stuff in.  But I’m telling you, after I was done using it in my shower, I heard a hallelujah chorus in my head!  It got rid of all that buildup faster than two brand new Magic Erasers and half a bottle of Comet ever could!

Next time you’re in the market for a shower cleaner, let this commercial persuade you to do the right thing:

So annoyed :) Tuesday, Sep 11 2007 

I’m so annoyed that I have to post this post… I may delete it later but venting is healthy and my photo friends will totally understand where I’m coming from on this one!

I had an aquaintence call me today – someone who has actually never really been that nice to me, in fact – and tell me she is going to start a photography business on the side and telling me she has some information she needs to get from me.  Seriously – her voice mail didnt say “I have some questions for you” or “I’d like to ask you some things” – it was “I have some information I need to get from you.”  NEEDS.  Not wants.  Like I’m her employee 🙂

I wasnt even irritated until I stood my ground and said, “I’m sorry, those are business secrets, I can’t give you that information” and she got SNIPPY WITH ME!  I should be able to say no without getting attitude… right?  GEESH.  I felt compelled to follow up with, “I dont even give my friends that info.”  Beth is like my freaking sister, and she would never even ask me what lab I use to develop pictures of her kids.  If she wanted me to process them that bad, she’d just give me the pictures and have me do it.  Ditto to Kim.  In fact, Kim HAS had me process pictures of her kids for her. 

Those who have been through this whole photography experience with me know how many sleepless nights, long work hours, overnighters and just general WORK I have put into this business over the past 3 years.  I did not just pick up a camera and start clicking.  You can tell the people that do just pick up a camera and start clicking – they are the ones who’s work never gets better year after year, or they just copy everyone elses work.  I digress…

My point is, people jump out of the woodwork wanting you to help them, teach them, give them your knowledge once you actually get a business rolling.  I want other people to succeed, but not at my expense.  Financially I’m still in debt thousands for starting a business.  I helped too many people and was too afraid of hurting feelings and saying no in the beginning – and now I pay the price for it!  I feel fortunate that I am able to do what I love for a living, but it is far from a cakewalk. 

If you have been nice to me, if you have helped me along the way – I will help you!  Just ask my co-collaborators 😉  There is nothing I do without emailing them and saying “Try this!!”  And they give me ideas and help in return! But, if you have been rude to me, if you have scanned my pictures and stolen them, or talked badly about me behind my back, heck NO I’m not going to help you!  And you should be ashamed of yourself for even having the gall to ask!

So that is todays soapbox.  Since I dont feel used by anyone that reads this, I dont feel bad posting this.  lol 

I should put a PS in here for the person that acquaintence knows me through – I KNOW you had nothing to do with this – dont worry 🙂  You probably want to backhand her as badly as I do… LOL

I’m still here Friday, Sep 7 2007 

Just a note – if you’re trying to get ahold of me and I’m slow at responding, its because I have entered that time of year that makes me question being a photographer.  🙂  I have multiple sessions a day for the next month as well as allergies from hades, so I’m tired, grumpy and frazzled.  I still love you and will return to earth after the holidays. 

For those of you that put up with me during this time, I’m sure there is a special place reserved for you in heaven.

Well, hello! Sunday, Aug 26 2007 

I’ve been sending out so many mass emails lately regarding Justin’s health that I’m getting asked if I have a blog.  I did have a private one, I decided to go ahead and make this one public.  Soooooo bookmark if you want, it’s  You can also subscribe by clicking the blogarithm box on the left – it will send you an email anytime there is an update. 

Please dont give this site out to anyone – that way I have a general idea of who knows about it and who is reading it.  I would like to keep it for friends and family only!  Feel free to leave comments or drop me an email! 

Hope everyone is doing well!