Justin just got word from the insurance company about an hour ago that they are approving all of the dr. visits in Boston.  That is a major praise!!!  We are so greatful that God brought the people into our lives that He did through this.  The radiologist out here is the one that pulled all of the strings to get this approved.  She absolutely did NOT have to do that – it was not her job.  Yet, she still fought for us, because she is an AMAZING PERSON.  If you ever need to see a radiologist, I swear Dr. Susan Smith out of St. Lukes Kansas City is an ANGEL.

Now lets just keep praying that the drs. out in Boston can take care of Justin without opening him up again 😦 

We will be going to Boston the first part of November.  I’m going to have to work double time now (like I can fit any more appts in???) so that we can afford to go and I can afford to leave the studio for a week.  Ouch ouch ouch.  God will take care, I know.  I can’t stop myself from worrying, though.

 We are just waiting on our certification on the foster care.  It should be any time now!!!  I have already done some Christmas shopping for the kid – do you think I’m excited???  I can’t even explain how excited I am.  Justin and I have waited a long time for a little one to take care of.  This child is going to be spoiled rotten with love and attention.

OH!  One more piece of good news!  When Beth and I were at Starbucks this afternoon (between appts – I had to take a break, right?) the manager said she would look into getting some displays set up for me to HANG MY PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I may get to display my work in my home away from home!!!!!  And the manager is setting up an appt for her son.  LOL   (Momma – dont be telling people this until it’s for sure… I know you will be excited when you read this!)

Thank you for your continued love and support – we send it right back at ya.  I know a lot of you are dealing with some hard times, too – please know you are in our thoughts and prayers!!