Enigma.  No, it’s not a band.  That’s Enya, silly.

Last night Kim and I were talking about her son, and she referred to him as an enigma.  After I pointed at her and laughed for using such a big word, I started thinking about the word enigma.  You know what is REALLY an enigma? The soap scum in my bathroom shower.

How does a place that you use to get clean get so disgustingly, cringingly nasty over such a short period of time?  All you use in there is soap and shampoo, maybe shaving gel – all clean products.  Shouldn’t they just wash down the drain, leaving that the cleanest, sparkly-est thing in your house???  Not so much.

In Missouri we have hard water.  And my shower in my bedroom is one of those fiberglass stalls with glass doors – you have never seen soap scum and hard water stains until you see my shower after 2 months of not being cleaned.  I’m not going to lie to you, people, I only clean it like once every two months.  I hate cleaning, and I only do the things you can SEE on a regular basis.  Since my bedroom is usually laundry land, you are not allowed in there – so that bathroom is only cleaned once you can no longer go in there and tolerate it. 

So last night I bought a bottle of Easy Off Bam! at CVS for no reason other than I like the commercial.  I like a product that I can walk around using while exclaiming “BAM!” like Emeril on crack.  It has the power to remove limescale, folks.  (What is limescale?  Do I have it?)

Take notice when the product tells you to wear gloves while using it. They’re not pulling your leg – that stuff is strong! It’s possible my lungs have little holes in them now, after breathing that stuff in.  But I’m telling you, after I was done using it in my shower, I heard a hallelujah chorus in my head!  It got rid of all that buildup faster than two brand new Magic Erasers and half a bottle of Comet ever could!

Next time you’re in the market for a shower cleaner, let this commercial persuade you to do the right thing: