Alrighty, time for another update…

Justin’s radiologist and endocrinologist want him to go elsewhere for this treatment because it’s incredibly important it’s done correct being so close to his brain and optic nerves, arteries – only the vital stuff you need to live lol

Our choices looked like Mass General (in Boston), Mayo Clinic or going to Pittsburgh.  Mass General has a unit that has Neurologists, Endocrinologists, Radioligists and every other kind of ologist Justin could possibly need to see all in one wing, and they specialize in the condition Justin has. That looks like where we’re headed.

Tentative dates are the end of October.  We’ll fly up and have him checked out.  We’re expecting to have to make a second trip  so they can then do the actual radiology.  If he has the fractionated treatment (the every day for 5 week stuff) he will just have that here.  However if he has the stereotactic, the gamma knife or whatever else they are really preferring to do, it will be there.  I guess that the fractionated treatment (the one that takes 5 weeks to complete) kind of sucks because it takes 5-10 years to make a difference on a tumor like Justin’s.  That’s a problem because it needs to take effect now, so his pitiuitary stops producing the growth hormone.  All of that growth hormone is bad on his organs and down the line if untreated would cause major problems.

Fun, fun, fun!!! 🙂  Hey, it could be worse.  It could be cancer.  He’s going to be fine, it’s just stressful to get to that point! 

Now to balance this out with HAPPY news, our final  homestudy is going to be on Sept. 25th – the date is set!  Woo hoo!! 

Thank you for your continued prayers 🙂