We finished our foster care certification tonight!!!!  One of our final activities was really cute.  The instructor handed out a bunch of hardboiled eggs and crayons and had us decorate the egg however we wanted.  This was mine (yes.  I took a picture of it with my camera phone. You’d think a phone that you can surf the internet and send emails on would have a better camera.)


Then you put them all back in a basket, and have to pick yours back out of the crowd.  Easy since they all look different.  Then she had us peel our eggs.  The lesson was that to God, we all look the same.  He doesnt see us by our shells.  What a good way to teach kids that we’re all the same regardless of skin color.  And coloring on eggs is fun.

Now all we have to do is wrap up the home study paperwork and we should get a placement.  We may have a little one in time for Christmas!!!  This is the first time in YEARS that I am actually excited about holidays.  I told Beth that I think I’d actually like to decorate for Halloween this year.  I’m even looking forward to putting up a CHRISTMAS TREE!!

It was a bittersweet night.  It really didn’t seem like it’s been 10 weeks.  We met some awesome people in class that I’ll kind of miss seeing once a week. 

On the way home, though, I had the most awful thought and it has stuck with me.  It’s 1:30 (am) right now and I can’t sleep because I just keep thinking about it.  Somewhere right now, our future child is probably being neglected or abused.  For us to get this precious child, someone else is mistreating them.  That makes me so sick to my stomach.  I think it’s awful that I’m suddenly focusing on that – I think I can honestly say I truly love whatever child or children wind up with us – foster or adopted – and I dont even know them yet.  I dont know their age, their race, what they look like or what they’ve been through, and I’m already sick that someone didn’t appreciate them for the gift that they are.  I guess that means I’m ready.

 On a much happier note:


You are one of the best friends I could ever ask for.  You have been there for me so much – I love you to pieces!  There arent enough good things I can say about you.  I’m sorry that you’re one year away from 30.  Better you than me.  (I’ll catch up in 5 months.  Enjoy being my elder)  Love you!!