I’m so annoyed that I have to post this post… I may delete it later but venting is healthy and my photo friends will totally understand where I’m coming from on this one!

I had an aquaintence call me today – someone who has actually never really been that nice to me, in fact – and tell me she is going to start a photography business on the side and telling me she has some information she needs to get from me.  Seriously – her voice mail didnt say “I have some questions for you” or “I’d like to ask you some things” – it was “I have some information I need to get from you.”  NEEDS.  Not wants.  Like I’m her employee 🙂

I wasnt even irritated until I stood my ground and said, “I’m sorry, those are business secrets, I can’t give you that information” and she got SNIPPY WITH ME!  I should be able to say no without getting attitude… right?  GEESH.  I felt compelled to follow up with, “I dont even give my friends that info.”  Beth is like my freaking sister, and she would never even ask me what lab I use to develop pictures of her kids.  If she wanted me to process them that bad, she’d just give me the pictures and have me do it.  Ditto to Kim.  In fact, Kim HAS had me process pictures of her kids for her. 

Those who have been through this whole photography experience with me know how many sleepless nights, long work hours, overnighters and just general WORK I have put into this business over the past 3 years.  I did not just pick up a camera and start clicking.  You can tell the people that do just pick up a camera and start clicking – they are the ones who’s work never gets better year after year, or they just copy everyone elses work.  I digress…

My point is, people jump out of the woodwork wanting you to help them, teach them, give them your knowledge once you actually get a business rolling.  I want other people to succeed, but not at my expense.  Financially I’m still in debt thousands for starting a business.  I helped too many people and was too afraid of hurting feelings and saying no in the beginning – and now I pay the price for it!  I feel fortunate that I am able to do what I love for a living, but it is far from a cakewalk. 

If you have been nice to me, if you have helped me along the way – I will help you!  Just ask my co-collaborators 😉  There is nothing I do without emailing them and saying “Try this!!”  And they give me ideas and help in return! But, if you have been rude to me, if you have scanned my pictures and stolen them, or talked badly about me behind my back, heck NO I’m not going to help you!  And you should be ashamed of yourself for even having the gall to ask!

So that is todays soapbox.  Since I dont feel used by anyone that reads this, I dont feel bad posting this.  lol 

I should put a PS in here for the person that acquaintence knows me through – I KNOW you had nothing to do with this – dont worry 🙂  You probably want to backhand her as badly as I do… LOL