We’re still waiting to hear the results of Justin’s MRI/Catscan thingy, but he did talk to his endocrinologist today.  He really wants Justin to go to a hospital in Boston that focuses on the specifics of what Justin has for a second opinion before he starts any of this. 

Justin is currently looking into if our insurance will cover this hospital visit/tests and we will go from there.  One bonus about it being a hospital in Boston is that is where the majority of Justin’s extended family lives.  We could have free room and board, so it would alleviate some of the stress.  The part of the stress that can’t be alleviated is how I can’t afford to leave the studio behind in my busy season…  this is the time of year I make my money to pay studio bills for the rest of the year… so that is a little scary.  I’m almost thinking our Poland mission trip is not going to happen at this point 😦  The fostering will be helping kids here, and I know that God had a plan for us to do that all a long, but Justin was really excited about that Poland trip.  I’m sure we can still do that in the future.

So that’s the only update I have right now.  I should have more answers in the next week or two about what we are going to wind up doing.  Thank you for your continued prayers!! 🙂