After yesterday’s dog and burnt cookie debaucle, I took a benedryl to try to get myself to stop sneezing.  I stopped sneezing, but only because I was too tired to physically sneeze anymore.  This prevented me from making any more cookies, so when Justin got home we went to Henhouse to grab cookies (and Starbucks… now every store or shopping center I shop in has a Starbucks in it.)

On the way out, I was concentrating on walking in high heels whilst in a benedryl induced fog.  I got a text message and went to respond to it when I stepped in a parking lot pothole, twisted my ankle and hit the ground… hard.  My phone went flying and I collapsed into a ticked off heap on the pavement.  Really the only thing hurt was my ego.  And my phone. 

At foster class a current foster parent was there with her two kids talking about her experiences.  I fell in love with the kids she had with her, and it made me even more excited (if that’s possible) to wrap up our homestudy and get kids of our own!  One of the little girls was a dainty little two year old with long black hair and great big eyes.  She looked like Dora the Explorer, and I really wanted to take her home with me 🙂  Her name was Mia.  All things named Mia are beautiful, I’m convinced.

That’s really all I have to say.  If you didn’t laugh at the image of me falling in the grocery store parking lot, you have no soul.  It’s funny. 🙂