I was sitting here in my pjs with PIGTAILS in my hair that I had slept on all night editing pictures.  I had a giant cookie cake in the oven for foster care class tonight and was minding my own business when my neighbors dog started freaking out.  It’s the neighbor that is my friend, so I had to go check it out and see what was going on – two dogs were out sniffing the fence.  They were unbothered by her, but she wanted to eat their faces 🙂  I called them over, which is really suprising for me as I’m pretty much terrified by any dog larger than my foot that I don’t know.  It was especially fun when they got close and I realized they were a pit bull/mutt mix and a rottweiler/german shepard mix…  I figured if they were still wagging their tails and happy with a 130 lb mastiff barking at them, they probably weren’t going to eat me.  I went inside and got some dog treats and a bowl for water, then hung out with them while I waited for animal control to get there.  They even posed for my camera phone!

I named this one Jake:


And this one Max:


Animal control took an HOUR to get here.  An hour while I sat out front in my pjs and my horrible pigtails – no makeup on – probably cookie dough on my face since I had been MAKING cookies (I tend to eat more dough than I bake…)  Speaking of those cookies – I forgot about the cookie cake while I was out hanging with my new buds, and came inside to a smokey kitchen.  Turns out an hour is WAY too long to cook something that calls for 15 minutes.