Most of you know Justin and I have a special love for contemporary Christian music and rock – especially Justin.  We love Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Kutlass, Pillar – I could go on and on there are soooo many great bands out there!!  Justin was flipping around the upper digital cable channels that no one ever watches and found the COOLEST channel!!  It’s Gospel Music Channel…  here is their website if you want to see if it’s in your area
Go check it out and if your cable company doesn’t carry the channel, there is a form you can fill out to send a letter to them.  How cool would it be if someday this channel was popular enough to be in the same vincinity on the dial as MTV, VH1, BET – Christian music is NOT dorky.  It has come a LONG way in the last 5 years!  You can honor God with lots of drums, bass and screeching guitars 🙂

They have lots of videos, concerts, etc and play different genres on different days of the week.  I’m excited.  🙂  And now I leave you with a Jeremy Camp video to get you excited: